Monday, April 20, 2015

Congratulations to Team DESCON for sincere effort in making RAK Project to a success!

Congratulations to Team DESCON for sincere effort in making the customer happy to take their first blend product yesterday 19th April 2015!


It is worth to mention few points at this moment.

This job was taken by DESCON with a reference from one of our Good Old customer Mr.Wajid Ali Risvi.  This has taken a lot of time (personnel time from me as
well as from Shyam) in building a rapport with this customer’s team. 

Job becomes really difficult when the customer does not know what he wants!  But here the customer wanted to build a plant to be “state of the art” kind within his budgetary limitations.  Since we had these input from the beginning, our team had acted accordingly.
There are a lot of combinations used by this customer.
-       Micromotion Coriolis meters
-       Siemens Ultrasonic Flow
-       Pumps / motors of various ratings
-       Motor Operated Valves from multiple manufacturers.
DESCON scope was stretched from design, engineering of PLC / HMI system to supervision of the whole task of Cables, Valves installation; testing of electric components and integrating to PLC system including supply of cable installation materials (trays, fixtures etc..).
-       Throughout this project, Shyam was involved in site surveys, process discussions and electrical interlocks and I really appreciate his patience with this customer.!  Well Done Shaym.
-       Our scientist Mr.Prashanth was in the main role of process design of this job.  His prompt advises and temper to withstand pressure from customer was a great support for me at various times.  Cheers Prashanth for mentoring this project and I really appreciate your readiness to change the programming sequences when the Emerson guys put some trouble across.

-       When we visited the  site, there was no trace of any documentation and it was first mission of our Fantin to make the physical layout of the plant and he went ahead creating the whole plant layout which is under the “AS BUILT” process now.  Keep it up Fantin!, we are going to keep you busy in TOLEDO project as well.
-       Prasad had always been a good negotiator with our suppliers.  In this job, we have done a very nice estimate and we can very well say the project is completed within the estimated costs!  Good Job Prasad!, your team mates Joe and Jai deserve a very good round of applauses.
-       I must mention the support from Francis for making timely action to keep our suppliers’ payments in time.  Many thanks Francis, to keep the spirit with your smile on every request (or roaring) from our team members.
-       Getting goods from our suppliers and to deliver those to the customer’s site is  heavy task when our team is all flooded in other projects.  But we had the strong logistics back bone like Rajpar who managed Jasim/ Mark / external transport to manage the crisis.  Cheers Rajpar… It’s always wonderful fighting for good results!
-       When it comes to panel assembly, we all depend on Bony who patiently assign the tasks between his available resources to make it happen.  Congrats Bony, in this Panel we had less mistakes observed at site.  Let’s Congratulates the Technician Crew (Syed, Nelson, Saravanan, Sakti, Oliver, Erjan and Razzack!)  You all have done a very good Job!

Having full faith on our team, I believe this job had brought our team to have confidence in taking up such process related projects in future.

Congratulations Once Again Team DESCON!...

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