Monday, November 21, 2011

3D View | Isometric View for Sea Water Intake WQA Analyzer System

3D View | Isometric View for Sea Water Intake WQA Analyzer System
Part of the project Requirements were to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed Analyzer Solution to be installed at the site.  In order to visualize the complexity, an isometric view as well as the 3 Dimensional view would help the customer / end user.

Above view was generated in AutoCAD with "realistic" feature rendering!
Presentation slides being prepared by soft copy output.  Adobe PDF / image is being used.

Connection details from the about the suction lines to the Pumps (Main and Standby) and its discharge towards the Analyzer panel with appropriate Valves are shown in above image.

Suction line shows the guide tubing to the water sump.  
Discharge tubing shown towards the Analyzer Assembly inside the panel.

Another view to have a better understanding about the tubing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trip to Abu Dhabi : Internal Audit [ comic / intersting points observed]

Company ISO:9001-2008 internal Audit was scheduled for Abu Dhabi Office on 19th July 2011.
Salah (PRO) was keen to ensure he attends this one.
Accordingly messages were circulated and We started from Sharjah at about 6:50AM.
We (myself and sujith) took the Dubai Outer Bypass Road which lead until Shikh Zayed Road.
Even though it was early in the morning, we noticed a severe accident just before Jebel Ali area.

We stopped at a petrol station on the Sheikh Zayed Road for snacks / breakfast.  Sujith picked up fruit salad (BARAKAT fruits n vegetables) and fruit juices.  By that time we could notice the crowd towards Abu Dhabi on the road!!..

Before entering to Abu Dhabi city, at the biggest mosque area we contacted our colleagues for route to the office.

As per guidance we followed and reached a signal where we should take LEFT turn.  As the signal was common for U-turn and Left turn, there was a big line of cars.  Also a police vehicle was trying to enter in the line.  Due to the big que up, we tried changing the line and to join in the line closer to the signal, but behind was the police and we did not take the risk!..
Instead of taking left, we had to move forward and ended up in the next U-turn to come back to the same signal.  Later we found the landmarks near the Abu Dhabi offices and luckily we got a parking close to the office building.

PRO was in the office, but he left just before we enter in the office.  We started our scheduled activities.  Small meeting with the team mates and collecting evidences, finding out mismatches continued till 1:00pm.

Later finalized the Audit and gathered the documents in electronic format.  Called Salah and started for Dubai.

It was lunch time, but we did not try having lunch at the city, as we head towards Shahama, we found another petrol station where we had PIZZA for lunch!

After coming out of the lunch while getting into the lines in Shikh Zayed Road, there was a 4WD vehicle rushing to change the line just behind our vehcle.  Sooner it was noticed in the rear view mirror, we changed line to the right and an accident was avoided!!!  It was a crazy local driver in an FJ Cruiser!!!

Long drive took another one hour to reach Emirates Road where we saw another accident for a micro Van slipped aside the ROAD and hit to a Date tree!...

By that time there was a call from Emax door delivery guys for installation of TV at home and we dropped the plan of going to Dubai office and headed towards Sharjah.

Sujith got down at Emax for a taxi and I parked at Sharjah Co operative Centre and rushed to catch the Emax team.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inspection of Office / Assembly Facilities >>>>

Inspection of Office / Assembly Facilities >>>>

As many of you might be aware, the delegates from ADWEA, TRANSCO and ADDC were visiting our office and assembly / manufacturing units.  This event has taken DESCON a step further in qualifying the registration process in ADWEA Group of organizations.

Let me take this opportunity to Congratulate all of you for making this event to satisfy the delegates.

I would like to mention few points which lead us to this stage!

Joy has been constantly following the registration procedure as many of the document submission instructions were received in short notices and he deserves a big round of applause.

Ayan has been alert all the time as the customer had pre determined various vendors in their mind, but every points raised where technically answered to the satisfaction of the delegates during these process.  Even though we received confirmations from the client about the Site Visits at later hours in the previous business day, Ayan managed to arrange chauffer service for customer delegates from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and handled the situation well!

Even though the facility inspection was expected the dates were announced with just few days notice.  We sincerely thank Mr.Basu who had to shorten his trip abroad and managed to be available during this inspection which showed his involvement in the business division and revived interpersonal relation between some of the delegates. 

When the visit was confirmed, Renu and our office team were positively contributed towards welcoming the delegates.  Jean and Jonna were actively involved during the welcome session and Jasim and Billal were ready for any assistance for this.  I should also mention Nijaz’s involvement in helping Renu organizing Arabic snacks as part of refreshments.  Renu has personally involved in choosing menu of refreshments and maintained a notable level in hospitality.  Sujith has designed the Welcome Banner which was displayed at our reception.

Ashis and Prasad were thoroughly confident about their role in the projects and those were presented very professionally during the conference sessions as well as the facility inspection.  Vipin and Mansoor supported the team with all documentation requested by the delegates during the inspection visits.  Shyam and his technician crew have maintained the assembly shop very nicely; which was very much appreciated by the inspectors.

Also the delegates had a visit to DESCON’s main stores and was impressed by the stores organization by Mike and his team.

Further the Inspection team proceeded for site visits where Noufal was very instrumental in demonstrating various scope of implementation works done by DESCON.  Seeing the HOT Standby Redundant PLC system with SCADA and Gateway RTU, the delegates were pleased and they were keen to understand the expertise of DESCON in terms of communication system and inter operability and all.

We have a lot more to go, but the level of confidence we observed in the faces of our customers will be our motivation to achieve the goal!

Many Thanks once again to all of you to make this happen ! . . .

Wednesday, April 20, 2011