Sunday, July 15, 2012


The first Tank Gauging System (TGS) Project within UAE was offered for factory inspection at DESCON facilities in Dubai.  Customers along with End User as well as Consultants were present to witness the physical and functional checks and verification tests.
With the support from Endress+Hauser (MESC) offices, DESCON secured the TGS project for UAE Customer.  Even though the team had a heavy task in achieving the delivery deadline including the third party deliverable, proper planning and team work had made it happen.
DESCON's team had demonstrated the functionality of the offered system by simulating all possible conditions for a typical tank.  The project is involving 7 tanks.

Arrangements were made with a real time situation of one tank by connecting the following equipment.

  • 1 No of NRF590 - Tank Side monitor,
  • 1No of FMR532 - RADAR Level Transmitter,
  • 1No of Prothermo - Temperature Transmitter,
  • 1No of PMP71 - Pressure Transmitter,
  • TGS System Panel with MultSCAN (redundant) and
  • Workstation Computer with LCD Monitor and Printer.

In continuation of the functional checks, the FAT inspectors had verified the project deliverable equipment with respect to Bill Of Materials. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Learn from FAT - Success of Disaster

With all difficulties & disabilities we have completed a FAT today!  Cheers to you all and the team.

Many thanks to Mr.Basu to drop in upon my request as the end user was really boiled up due to series of issues related to various projects.  We all could see his presence had softened the situation a bit.

However I would like to point out certain remarks which need to be followed strictly in every such occasion.
1)    Self check prior to the FAT – which we call as internal functions check.
a.    It’s not only to check but also to take corrective action if a discrepancy is noted.
b.    We had preliminary check (with all drawings and physical checks), but unfortunate that corrected drawings remained in the computer / laptop and inspector discovered a totally different set of drawings in the FAT file.
FAT File (folder) to be compiled with maximum care to avoid such instances in future.
2)    Communication between customer / consultant / contractor to be ready at the time of FAT.
a.    Mostly the FAT would be upon official approval.  Very rare instances we have been asked to follow a previous approval in case if the deliverable is an extension of previous / recent project.
b.    Always approvals / copies of reference project documentation to be available at the FAT facility.
c.    The documentation soft copies (native files – AutoCAD / Word / Excel) to be available with the FAT conductor (vendor – DESCON) at the time of FAT.
                                          i.    It was really tough time to have a native file send over internet and access from an assembly facility with limited internet access!
                                         ii.    I would recommend carrying the project laptop during such FAT / sessions even when it is not needed.
3)    As built drawings to be ready at the time of inspection.
a.    Ideal conditions (which never happens in projects) the submittal drawings and as built drawings will be matching.
b.    In case if some changes (due to improvement in design or as per comment compliance) those need to be marked in drawings and subsequent “change instructions” to be available during the FAT.
c.    Inspector (client / consultant / contractor) is expected to inspect the assembly against the approved (AS BUILT) drawings.  So vendor must be ready with all required data.
4)    Further to successful FAT a certificate along with punch points marked (if any) to be compiled upon conclusion of FAT.
a.    Without documentation, nothing is complete in any projects.
b.    Minute Of Meeting in the FAT (in case if a discussion / clarification meeting was held) to be formulated.  This can be an evidence to “dispatch release” of the inspected goods / equipment.
c.    A signature in a FAT document is a responsibility taken by the signatory.  Same applicable for punch points so as to correct the punch point and to close any open issues later on.
5)    Last point is to update the document schedule with relevant revision marks with respect to FAT.
a.    Always keep our internal document schedule updated with maximum information (reason for revisions – internal as well).
b.    Document release check list to be followed while forwarding a set of document is sent to customer.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Successfully completed the commissioning of TANKVISION

Great Achievement ! 
Satheesh (Asst. Service Manager - DESCON) with remote support from Jan Strohmeier (ProjectManager Endress+Hauser MESC) successfully completed the commissioning of TANKVISION in CCC Qatar, for Qatar Petroleum(QP).
This is definitely be a significant reference for all of us!

Congratulations on this successful achievement!...
Together a BiG round of applause to the whole team which worked in the background!...

Not to forget few guys in team without whose support, the realization would have been difficult!
-      Kishor did his role as the single point contact for customer on this project exceptionally well!  Knowing the customer and knowing their requirements are the most important issue in getting a job done.  Cheers Kishor, we did it!...
-      Michael Dias and his crew did a wonderful job in getting the equipment in time and handling the logistics very professionally!  Congrats man, we have more to do in the same line…
-      Vipin and Prasad were extremely good in getting the documentation with respect to Tests / Procedures as well as the drawings.  From CCC site, the team along with Satheesh were very pro active in putting up all the requirements together for the documentation which led us to get approvals very quickly!.  Well done Prasad & Vipin, we maintain our QMS standard throughout our actions!
-      Lukman from the procurement department had been always listening to any URGENT purchase requisitions and was keen on chasing the vendors & expediting the delivery from our suppliers in case of any minor item in this job!
-      Francis was supporting our team in case of any commercial needs!  Francis, Many thanks to you for saying “yes” to our requests!..